We are community driven!

We harness the diverse knowledge, skills, and experiences of community members to achieve positive results and promote a more inclusive and sustainable future by being community-driven.

We work at the grassroot level!

We collaborate directly with local individuals, organizations, and leaders at the grassroots level to address specific needs, empower local voices, and create sustainable change from the ground up.

Refugee Response

This is another vital aspect of our humanitarian efforts. We provide support and assistance to individuals and families who have been forcibly displaced due to conflicts, persecution, or other crises.

Our Core

Thematic Focus Areas/Programmes

CEFORD currently operates in both humanitarian and development contexts spread across all the refugee settlements in West Nile and beyond!


Focusing on Agriculture, Technical Vocational Skills Training, VSLA and Micro and Small Business/Enterprise Development.


Focusing on Early Childhood Development, Sponsorship in Primary and Secondary education),

The primary emphasis is on supporting the development of young children through Early Childhood Development initiatives. 

Community Health

Focusing on Water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH), Nutrition and MHPSS

The organization places a strong emphasis on WASH (Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene), Nutrition, and MHPSS (Mental Health and Psychosocial Support).

Community Governance

Focusing on social accountability, advocacy and engagements between duty bearers and rights holders.

The organization places a strong emphasis on social accountabilityadvocacy, and engagements between duty bearers and rights holders.


Focusing on Child Protection, GBV, General Protection (protection Concerns and Issues and Accountability to Affected) and Peaceful Co-existence.

The organization places a strong emphasis on Child ProtectionGBV (Gender-Based Violence)General Protection (covering various protection concerns and issues), and Peaceful Co-existence.

Humanitarian Response

Focusing on Disaster Risk Reduction and Refugee Response.

The organization places a strong emphasis on Disaster Risk Reduction and Refugee Response. These two areas are given special attention and resources to address the challenges and needs associated with disasters and the displacement of refugees

About Us

Our Distinctive Approach & Impact

Our approach is holistic, focusing not only on immediate needs but also on long-term solutions. Moreover, our emphasis on collaboration and partnerships distinguishes us from others. We actively seek out alliances with governments, non-profit organizations, and local communities to maximize our impact and reach. Additionally, our innovative and evidence-based strategies enable us to adapt to changing circumstances and find creative solutions to complex challenges.

Core Principles

Our Values

CEFORD is guided by the following Corporate Values

  • Mutual respect

    CEFORD recognizes and respects the dignity and potential knowledge, experience and ability of all persons. It believes that building on the value of mutual respect will assist people improve their quality of life.

  • Transparency and accountability

    We believe in maintaining the highest level of integrity and honesty in all actions and at all levels with the commitment to remain transparent and accountable to all partners and stakeholders.

  • Equity

    CEFORD believes in equal rights to basic needs of life regardless of sex, religion, age or any other distinction.

  • Participatory Approach

    CEFORD believes that an inclusive involvement of people at every level of development instills sense of ownership and sustainability.

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Get Involved

We value the contributions of donors, partners, and volunteers as they strengthen our capacity to address critical issues and create sustainable change. Their involvement not only supports our initiatives but also fosters a sense of shared responsibility and collective action towards building a better future for those in need.


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