Institutional Focus

Sustainable livelihoods (Agriculture, FAL and Skills Development, Disaster risk reduction)

Agriculture: CEFORD works with groups and individual farmers to increase productivity and income through provision of planting materials and extension services.

Primary & secondary Education

CEFORD’s interventions are aimed at improving performance and retention of pupils/students especially girls in schools; vocational skills development; strengthened governance structures.

Good governance and accountability

To enhance competence of citizens and Civil Society to influence development processes and outcomes. Focus on Governance and Accountability issues will be made on basic social services like Agriculture, Education, Health, Water, Sanitation and Hygiene.

Community health (HIV/AIDS, Adolescent Reproductive Health, Water, sanitation and hygiene, Environment):

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Clean Modern Code

CEFORD’s interventions are aimed at addressing issues related to health in schools and communities around primary schools and target communities.

Organizational development

This involves building capacities of CEFORD for effective operations and service delivery.